WATCH: New RNC Ad Exposes Texas Democrats' Lies about Voter ID and Election Integrity Laws

Americans want common-sense election reforms that make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. That’s why the RNC is working around the clock to fight for election integrity protections at every level of the democratic process. 
Here are the statistics driving our efforts: 
  • 75% of Americans -- including 69% of Black voters and 60% of Democrats polled -- support Voter ID requirements. A recent NPR poll found that 80% of Americans want voter ID.
  • 68 percent of voters believe that State legislatures should decide the voting rules and regulations for their state, not the federal government.
  • By a 33 point margin, Americans believe that voting in their area is already “easy” and want to see election reform focus on making sure elections are “fair and free of voter fraud.”
Recent polling conducted by the RNC also found that:
  • 87% of voters are against ballot harvesting
  • More than 80% of voters are in favor of voter ID requirements
  • 78% of all voters support a proposed plan with the following five principles:
    • Presenting Voter ID
    • Signature Verification
    • Chain of Custody Controls
    • Bipartisan Observers
    • Cleaning up Voter Rolls
    Democrats recently attempted a partisan federal takeover of state elections with H.R.1/S.1, otherwise known as the “Corrupt Politicians Act.”
    The extreme bill failed due a sustained pressure campaign from the RNC and other Republican groups. Here’s what Democrats tried to do with the H.R.1/S.1:
    S.1 was an attempted federal takeover of state elections
    • Under this bill, states would have been forced to allow ballot harvesting, meaning “paid partisan operatives could go door to door, amassing thousands of votes, as long as they billed by the hour.”
    • S. 1 tried to take away state legislatures’ ability to draw congressional districts, forcing states to give unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats this power.
    S.1 would have made elections less secure
    • S. 1 would have eviscerated commonsense state voter ID laws which 36 states have passed. This would allow individuals to vote by simply attesting they are who they claim to be.
    • This legislation would have forced 30 states to adopt automatic voter registration on short notice, even though past attempts to implement automatic voter registration have led to illegal immigrants being registered and massive registration errors. 
    • S. 1 would have forced states to adopt same-day voter registration, imposing this on 29 states.
    • This, coupled with the bill’s effective elimination of voter ID laws, would have made it easier to commit voter fraud and give election workers no time to verify a person’s eligibility. 
    S.1 would have used taxpayer dollars to fund career politicians
    • S. 1 would have been a windfall for career politicians in D.C. at the expense of American taxpayers.
    • Under the bill, the federal government would have paid politicians’ campaigns up to a 600 percent match for political donations under $200.
    • The CBO estimates that under S. 1, the federal government would have funneled nearly $2.5 billion to politicians’ campaigns in just five years. 
    Democrats showed their hand with their failed takeover. They have made it clear that they want nothing more than to undermine election integrity and states’ rights. The RNC is fighting them on every front -- and winning.

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